Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Attack of the killer tomatoes

     Something has kept me occupied for the last few days.  One day I had lots of green tomatoes on the vines, but suddenly, I am getting lots of ripe tomatoes and they are coming on rapidly.

    Every day I go to the garden and pick tomatoes.  They take over my kitchen counters.  I eat them for every meal, except breakfast.  David takes sacks of them to work to give away.  I take them to church to give away.  I eat some more and still many of them rot before they are used.

    I've made fried green tomatoes with Chipotle sauce. Yum.  But I am getting tired of it.

                 I've made tomato juice and will probably make more.

                     I've even resorted to making tomato men, but I don't think they'll catch on.

             And still they keep coming.  See that monster one in the bowl?  I have several like that I have had to throw away because they rotted before we could eat them.  I really hate to throw food away.

    Trying to ignore the tomatoes, I baked some garlic cheddar bisquits.  Yum. 


             Eating them with a bacon, lettuce and tomato salad. 

   I made David a pineapple upside down bisquit only because he refused to eat a tomato unside down bisquit.

               Baked this cake for a funeral dinner. Hope they liked lots of icing.  I got carried away.

     Going to spend some time with this fabric I got at a shop hop last week.  Got to get away from tomatoes for a while.  Bye.

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Teresa said...

I freeze my tomatoes for soup. They do break down some, but still good to throw in strews and soup. Just cut them up and freeze. I found this works good.
Your baking looks so good! Making me hungry!