Thursday, June 7, 2012

I can't help it

  I didn't start this blog in order to write about my flowers, but sometimes I just have to.  Right now my garden is beautiful.  You know the song, "June is Busting out all over," from the musical State Fair?  Well, it certainly is doing that in my yard.  I went around the yard yesterday snapping some pictures of all the different flowers and here they are.

Really love this yarrow.  It is a deep pink and salmon color. 

   Just planted this delphineum.  I got it at a local grocery store where I have purchased some of my best plants.  Last time I went there I had more flowers in my cart than food. 

  This echinacea is called "Tiki Torch."  How appropriate.

 How'd you get into my blog about flowers, Sweet Pea?  Oh, you think you are the prettiest flower in my garden?  Okay, if you say so.  Here are my rules for gardening.

 1.  Buy only what you love.

2.  Plant alot of flowers as closely as possible.

3.  Mulch, mulch, mulch.

4.  Water often.

5.  Try to keep dogs from digging out all the flowers.  Hear that, Belle and Bonnie?

 6. Sit back and enjoy.

  If a Master gardener came into my garden he or she would probably have a heart attack because I don't follow any real rules of gardening.  I don't amend my soil, I don't deadhead like I should, and sometimes except for watering and a little fertilizer once in a while, my flowers are left to their own devices.  So far, my flowers have done really well.  The only flower I have never had any luck with is astilbe.  And last year practically all my hydrangeas died because I wasn't here to water them for five weeks when we went to Alaska. 

  Except for this beautiful hydrangea in the middle of my front yard.  It has so many blooms on it this year.   I have many more flowers I haven't mentioned here.  Many are just getting ready to bloom.  July will be busting out all over too.  So go dig a hole and put a flower in it.  It will make you feel so good.  Bye.

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