Thursday, June 28, 2012

An idea comes together

  You know those times when you get an idea in your head and you really want to do what you picture in your mind and sometimes it turns out so totally different than what you first thought?  You don't?  I'm sorry.  I have had many ideas in my lifetime.  Some of them turned out well, and some were fiascos.  Like the time I thought I could take care of all my grandchildren all at once while their parents were gone.  I had imagined this wonderful Grandmother, grandchildren time of reading books, playing games and just having fun.  I forgot I had to feed them, see that they took their baths and that I had to put the eyes in back of my head to good use because the little rascals got away from me.  There was even one throwing cherished figurines out the door onto the garage floor shattering them to bits while a pot of macaroni boiled over and kids were screaming at me and then one of the parents called and heard the chaos.  I have taken care of nine children all at once and I never had this experience.  Maybe I am too soft on my grandchildren, but they are so darn cute and they're mine.  Anyway, this is not at all what I planned to blog about today.  See how my ideas can wander off into Neverland sometimes?

   I have always loved British things and the way some Brits decorate their homes.  I love reading blogs from Great Britain and because I am British in my heart, I decided I wanted a shabby chic room that looked sort of British.  Cozy, but functional.  A room I would love to be in while I did my handiwork.  We had to replace some windows in our family room this spring so I decided now was a good time to do some redecorating.

  First I made some pillow with old handkerchiefs and embroidered one of them.

   I took a little wrought iron table with a glass top I had been using outdoors and had a wooden crate that I set on top and now I have a coffee table.

  Brought in an old green chair we got at an antique store a while back. Sewed some curtains, and see that little footstool there???

   We bought this little brown hen stool years ago at Target and it has served its purpose well, but it just didn't look like it belonged in my new/old room.  So I took some fabric and sewed and sewed and quilted and quilted and sewed some more and came up with this.......

   And the top looks like this........

  Then put our phone in a little chair.  Don't know why, just did.

    Used David's button lamp as an accent.   What is an accent anyway?

  Bonnie snoozed in my shop while I was doing all this sewing.  It is so hot outdoors I brought both my outdoor dogs inside today.  Bonnie loves my chair and didn't move a muscle all afternoon.

   " Why are you keeping me inside, Mom?  Am I being punished?"   "No, Belle, it;s 102 degrees today and you don't need to be outside in that."   "What's 102 degrees?"  "Hotter than your paws would like sweetie."   And now for your viewing pleasure something I found in the pool yesterday.

  Is this a mole or a vole?   I never can figure out the difference.  This one met his waterloo in the pool.  Didn't know moles or voles walked across cement.  Keep cool the next few days and pray for rain for us drought ridden midwesterners.  Bye.

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