Monday, June 18, 2012

Old magazines and no, I'm not a hoarder

  After the business of last week with the grandkids here and nothing being done but playing, cooking, feeding, swimming, playing games, swimming some more, playing games again, going caving, etc., etc., I am enjoying the quiet here right now.  David is working today, so I have the whole house to myself.  Bliss. 

  I love to putter.  Does anyone putter anymore or even have the time to putter in this hectic world we live in?  I love having absolutely no where to go(I did have a doctor's check-up this morning, but I was in and out by 8:30) and no plans to work on a project, plant something or any real work.  Well, I will be sweeping the rugs and washing the kitchen floors, but not right now. 

  I am rearranging our family room which will now be officially called my sewing room as this is where I handquilt my quilts or lay them out for pinning.  I have a big wooden chest which use to be a toy chest where I now keep old magazines.  Remember when magazines were worth keeping?  There are still a few out there, but very few.  I started saving Country Living magazines in the seventies.  I also took Country Home.  They both defined my home decorating for many years.  My love of antiques began while reading these magazines.  I needed to move the chest so I had to take all the magazines out and of course I got side-tracked looking at them.

   I am going through the magazines right now, but none will be thrown away because I threw away all the ones I didn't want a long time ago.

  This is my stacks of Christmas magazines.  I love looking through them and seeing all the country decorations and how country decorating makes everything look so cozy.

  This is a some of my magazines.  Don't judge me.  I know you collect something you can't make yourself get rid of.  I don't collect much except magazines, quilts, fabric, old hankies. old American flags and snow globes.   You can still walk easily through my house and there are no mouse feces laying around or dead animals lying under a stack of something.  I really need order and cleanliness and with all I have, my house does not look cluttered.  Really.  Just don't come right now because I am organizing it right now and it is a little cluttered right now. 

  Remember Mary Englebreit's Home Companion? I was sad when they stopped publishing it.  Probably got too expensive since she always included one of her prints good enough to be framed and a whole page of paper dolls.  I have all the paper dolls from all her magazines I got.  They are too cute to cut up.   I was going to give them to my granddaughter when she was little, but I just could not get rid of them.  It was a truly lovely magazine and I hope she will start it up again.

  This is the only copy of Good Housekeeping I've kept solely because it has Diana on the cover and a story about her inside.  My love of Diana and all things royal is a blog in itself.  Despite the fact I think she was not a very good princess in the long run, she captivated the world with her beauty and style and she did become a humanitarian and probably would have done great things if she had lived.  If Charles had really loved her, I think her life would have been much happier.  But I am off subject again. Sorry.

  This is the magazine that started me on my quest for antiques and decorating my home country.  The October 1979 Better Homes and Gardens.  A young couple about the age I was then had decorated their home with found things and antiques and I just fell in love.  If I could meet them I would tell them they were my inspiration all those years ago.  I wish Better Homes and Gardens would do a follow up story on them. 

  Another magazine I loved was Country Home.  Their Christmas issues were always so wonderful. Is
 it still being published?   I stopped taking it when it became more ads and glitzy city homes than true country homes.   I miss it.

  I  have taken Country Living for years, but I stopped not long ago because they, too, have so many ads and things about the environment and pets.  I don't take a decorating magazine to read about those things.  It used to be all pictures of country homes and decorating.  There was a woman, Jo Northrup who wrote an article for the magazine called Simple Country Pleasures, kind of like Gladys Tabor use to write.  She has passed away, but I loved reading her articles about country things like her baskets, antiques, walking with her dogs, going on picnics, things like that.

   Now my two favorite magazines are Midwest Living and Southern Living. We actually went and stayed at a B & B featured in Midwest Living.  They both have delicious recipes, especially Southern Living.  This month there is a Whoopie Pie Cake.  Oh my.   Plan to make that one.  What do you collect?  Bye.

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