Friday, June 1, 2012

God save the queen and finishing construction

I have always been interested in all things British.  This weekend Queen Elizabeth celebrates her sixtieth year as queen.  Her jubilee has Great Britain all ready to party and I wish I could be there.  I think Queen Elizabeth has been a very gracious queen.  Like all mothers, she has had her ups and downs with her children and has had to keep a stiff upper lip through many trials. 

  I have watched her family through the years.  My mother took several magazines and every time there was a story about the royal family I read it with interest.  When Diana and Charles got married, I got up in the wee hours of the morning to watch it live.  I watched with sadness the deterioration of their marriage and the tragic loss of Diana's life in a car accident. 

  Things have been looking up for the royal family in the past few years.  It seems Charles' brother Edward found a lovely wife and they are happily married.  Then Prince William and Kate Middleton got engaged and had a lovely wedding that I watched with happiness.  It seems they are quite smitten with each other and I hope for a long, happy marriage for them.

  In celebration of the jubilee I made a union jack quilt.  Next to the United States flag I think the union jack is one of the prettiest flags of any country.

  There are six blocks, each of them different.  Here are a couple of them.

  I also made a union jack potholder since I was on a roll.

  Then while I was at it and because I really loved the fabrics, I made another purse.

  This is the front.   I had this material that had roses and writings about roses on it.

    This is the back.

  This is the inside.

  These are my toes.  Oh, you didn't want to see them?  Sorry.

   I forgot to tell you when I was writing about our window replacements that the contractor's name is Claude Wright Junior.  He does remodels, paints, and other contruction jobs.  Don't call Claude Wright. That's his father and he only builds houses.  Anyway,  he and his crew did a great job replacing three of our windows.  Now my work is cut out for me.  We have to paint the outside trim, the woodwork, the walls in the family room and the ceiling.  I guess that will keep me out of trouble for a few days. 

  So pour youself a cup of tea and raise it to the queen and celebrate jubilee weekend.  Cheerio.

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helen buttress said...

Just doing my blogs catch-up and found this post from you. Love love love the flag quilt. I'm in England and a quilters group I go to had an absolute rush on quilts of all colours and sizes but patriotically based on our flag. They were lovely to see.