Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Construction zone and meet the chief

 Twenty-nine years ago when we were young pups and growing out of our house, David and I decided to add a new addition to the house.  We hired a contractor, who was a younger pup than us, to do the job. We had a family room,  full bathroom with laundry room, and a large master bedroom built.  It added almost  a third more to our house and we could stretch again and all the children had their own rooms.

  Fast forward to today and we needed to replace some of the windows in the family room and once again called the same contractor.  They put in a window yesterday and these are some pictures from the  job.

    The old windows had lost their seal and it made the view look foggy.

  So out comes the old window.  How many times did I wash that window? 

   So this is how it looks without a window.  

  In with the new and then adding the trim.  Our house will be one hundred years old next year.  When we add a window we try to match the trim to the older part of the house.  These guys did a great job.

  First we saw through a glass darkly, but now we see clearly.   Wow, what a difference.  It looks like there isn't glass in the window. 

 There were other things going on at our house thise week.  Picnics, lots of swimming and a whole morning watching our grandson play in a lacrosse tournament. 

    This is the lacrosse player.  Don't you love that red hair?  He's a handsome lad and a really nice one too.  Going to be an athelete.

  Now I will leave you with a picture of Big Chief Wantabeinthewater.

  Him one happy camper.  Bye.

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