Tuesday, May 15, 2012


   What's your passion?  If you have one you are one happy person.  My passion is sewing.  Mainly quilts.  I have found something else I love to sew and I am going to show you.   But first, do you remember these?

  Last Christmas I got the idea for these dolls and could not stop making them.  I ended up making forty-two of them.  Sew-crazy, huh?  When I find something I like to make I generally make more than one.  More like five or more usually.  Now I am hooked(in the good sense) on making purses.

    I found this pattern on  Isn't it cute?  A dresden plate bag.  Here are a few more I have made from this pattern.

  This is one I can carry this summer with a denim skirt and red t-shirt.  I even like the inside of it.

  Bright summery colors.  It's so much fun to pick fabric for these purses.  Here is another.

  This one has an equestrian theme.  This is the front.

  This is the back.  Couldn't you see carrying this while wearing brown corduroys and a cream or forest green turtleneck?  Okay, that is how my mind works.  While I am making these I imagine what I would wear.  Sew-crazy?  Or just crazy?

  Since Queen Elizabeth is celebrating her 60th year of being queen I thought I would make a purse to commemorate it.  Found this darling fabric online and I just love it.

  This is the back of the purse.  The graphics are so darn cute. 

  This is the lining for my Queen Elizabeth purse.  Crowns!  I will carry this while wearing a diamond tiara and a white ermine cape.  Anyone got some I can borrow?

  I made this purple purse just because I liked all the fabrics that coordinated with the purple flower material.  I love green and purple together.  I don't have anything I could wear with this purse.  I do have a purple jacket I bought at Coldwater Creek, but when I got it home, I didn't have a thing to wear it with so it is hanging in my closet lonely and forlorn, but not forgotten.  I will just have to figure out something.

  This is the back.  I really love this fabric.  I am going to have to find something purple to wear.  I don't think it's my color, though. 

  This is the lining.  I'm beginning to understand why I can't stop making these purses.  I love to fiddle with different fabrics to see what will go together.  I really love making these and I can't carry them all.  I've made twelve, I think and given away a couple.

  This is the one I am carrying right now.  It really holds alot more than one would think.

  I can carry everything I need in this little purse.  One day at Sunday School the little children wanted to know what I had in my purse so I took out each thing one at a time and there really was alot in there.  Now they want me to show them every Sunday!  Funny and cute.

  I've embellished some of the purses with vintage belt buckles like this one and this one.  David has accumulated alot of old belt buckles from auctions through the years.   These look like art deco.

I'll show you one last purse.  I have ideas for so many.  Even one I will carry election month.  Will show you when I get it done.  Bye.

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