Friday, May 11, 2012

Flamigos anyone?

  A couple of years ago a friend gave me this fluffy-headed pink flamingo pen "because," she said, "you like flamingos.  "Whaddya mean I like flamingos!" I replied to her.

Now I loved her thoughtfulness and I do love this little pink flamingo, but me, like flamingos?  Where did she get that idea?  Then I started looking around my house.

  Here's a faded pink flamingo bought years ago at an antique store.  he stands in my side yard by the drive.  I see him every day.

  Pink  concrete flamingo purchased at a now defunct antiques store in northern Florida.  It had a companion, but we chose to buy just this one.  When we went back to the same antiques store a few years later the other one was gone.  I keep him outside on my shop porch.  One year I brought him into the house in the winter not knowing that ants had built their home inside him and when they got in the warm house they all came out.  Now he stays outside all the time.

  Pink flamingo I painted on my shop floor just because I could.  Okay, maybe I sorta like pink flamingos, but I wouldn't say this is a huge collection. Maybe I need to embrace my pink flamingoness and buy a couple of those cheap plastic flamingos and put them in my front yard.  Bye

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