Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Children in my garden

 Many years ago I use to have children playing in my garden.   It wasn't a garden then, it was a big grassy yard that took two days to mow.  It had a big tree in the front of the house with a treehouse, a sandbox in the side yard and a tire swing.  There was an above ground pool and a big field next door where the children could play baseball or fly kites or sit under the big mulberry tree and play.

  Now we have very little lawn, lots of flower gardens and an inground pool and only occasionally are there children playing in the garden.

  Saturday we had a couple of kids, my kid and the big kid in the white hat playing in the pool.  The water was too cold for me, but I had fun watching all of them.

  I allowed my grandboys to take pictures of me with my camera and this is one they took.  I think I have budding photographers in my family.  Not bad for three and four year olds.

  But these are not the children I am writing about today.  I have been collecting children in my garden for several years and here are a few of them.

  These two sit in one of my flower beds.  I think they are so sweet although the one has kind of scary eyes.   Wouldn't want to meet this one on a dark night walking around my garden.  Does zombie come to mind?

  I have given most of my children names.  They are named after my children and grandchildren although I am going to have to get some more as my grandchildren outnumber my children. At least the boys do.  This one is Adam.

 This is Abby and Aidan.  They get along so nicely together.  Sometimes the real ones like to pick on each other.  Typical brother and sister, but they love each other and that's what counts.  I love the look on these little faces. They seem to enjoy each other's company.

  This is Sara. Reminds me so much of our daughter when she was little.  She stands at the entrance to the tiny wood.

 This is Jason.  An uncanny resemblance.  My son who was in the Air Force and now a computer specialist.  Wish I still had my three children still playing in the yard, but time marches on.

   Love this little angel with a bird on her shoulder.  I've had her a long time and repainted her a couple of times.  She keeps watch over my garden.  Speaking of birds.......

  There are birds on our rose arbor and guess what??????

    A  bird built its nest right smack dab in the middle of the arbor.  She was very creative and built her nest where predators could not reach her babies.

  Lest I be put in the doghouse, I must post pictures of my furry children or they will feel left out.  Bonnie getting her daily treat. Okay, she has several daily treats.

  I love this picture of Belle.  It's her in a nutshell.  The sweetest dog with a cute personality. 

   Well, hope you all have a wonderful day and if you have your real children playing in your garden, cherish the times because they will grow up so quickly.  Bye.

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