Sunday, February 12, 2012

Antique shopping

   Yesterday David and I decided to go antiqueing.  Not for anything in particular although we were looking for some sturdy chairs for someone else.  Usually I am looking for old American flags, vintage tablecloths and old books. 

  There were lots of old books to choose from.  I found this book and it looked interesting.  I have read all the Jan Karon books about Mitford and Father Tim.  I am reading them through for the fourth time right now.  This book about Miss Read appears to be the same sort of book about a small English village instead of a little mountain town in North Carolina.

  There were several Miss Read books, but I bought only two.  This one looked interesting.  If you have ever read any of the Miss Read books please tell me what you thought of them. 

  Jessamyn West was born in Indiana and has written many books.  She also wrote the screenplay for the wonderful movie, "Friendly Persuasion," about a Quaker family in southern Indiana trying to remain neutral during the Civil War.  It starred Gary Cooper, Dororthy McGuire and Anthony Perkins.  It has alway been one of my favorite movies and I try to watch it when it's on TV.  
    This particular book is about an event in 1824 that threatened  massive and bloody Indian reprisals for the murder of some peaceful Indians including women and five children by five white men.   There is little known about this massacre, but Miss West has woven a story from it that I am sure will be interesting and historical.

  Suddenly, I came across this beautiful vintage peach fabric.  There were two yards of it and low and behold, there was a stack of vintage fabric in the same booth.  I wasn't planning on buying fabric that day, really I wasn't, but this was such a find I couldn't resist.

    There were four pieces of this  lovely rose fabric cut in one yard pieces perfect for pillowcases or cut up in pieces for a very girly quilt.

   This is what I ended up with.  Never say I will pass up a good fabric buy when I see one.  Oh, I ended up going to Ady's quilt store in Morgantown and picked up three pieces that are in the picture also.   The yellow flowered fabric on the right are actually four table napkins that I am going to use to make summer pillows for my family room. 

   The last of my purchases was this red, white and blue vintage tablecloth that I will use come fourth of July.  I don't have anything like it and was so happy to purchase this one.  I am pretty selective what tablecloths I buy now as I have quite a collection.  I like changing the tablecloths with the seasons.  They just seem to make the table look a little more dressed up and inviting. 

     When I get new fabric I cannot wait to cut into it and start a project.  I have numerous projects going at any one time and some of them I get done!   There are so many blogs with women who have the same disease I have who can't resist beautiful fabrics and love to make things from it.  Some people think it's crazy to buy a whole piece of  fabric, cut it into pieces and then sew it back together again.  If nothing else, it's theraputic and keeps me off the streets and out of the bars so I will take my vice over someone else's any day.  At the end I have a useful object, a gift or a warm cover for the bed.   What more could one ask.  I have a friend who has been bitten by the fabric bug just lately and I will be  writing about her new venture into quilting and how addictive buying fabric can be. Bye

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Grandma P said...

Dear SIL, You'll love the Miss Read books. I have almost all of them and have read and then re-read them. Enjoy!