Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

  Happy Valentine's Day to all you sweethearts out there in blogland.  Hope you are having a wonderful day.  

  I spent the day sewing on quilts with two sweethearts and friends.  This is the only the second quilt Shannon has made and she sewed it in a day.  All she has to do is add the borders and she will be ready to quilt it.  Love the colors.

  Linda is cutting out her quilt.  She has to cut out 250 2 inch strips, sew them together and cut them apart in 2 inch pieces.  She is an accomplished quilter so this will probably be a breeze for her, but it looks hard.  I will enjoy seeing this quilt go together.   We do alot of laughing and talking which makes the time fly and we get alot done too.

  Who is this coming into my shop?   No flowers?  No candy?  Hmmmmmm.  But that smile is worth everything to me and as long as I can see that face every day, I am happy.

   Belle peeks in the window at us wondering what we are doing.  "What you doin' Willis."

    This is the cutest pincushion I have ever seen.  A little owl sits atop it with  a rose in front.  Shannon gave it to me today because she doesn't think I have enough pincushions.  We are always looking for mine.  I told her this one was way too cute to stick ugly pins in and make it all holey. 

   So as this Valentine's Day comes to an end, I send you my love and hope you know there is always someone who loves you.    I'm going to make myself a cup of hot chocolate with heart marshmallows.  Why don't you join me?   By the way, David took me out for dinner.  The best Valentine's Day present ever.  I didn't have to cook or do dishes all day.  Hurray!!!  Bye.

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