Sunday, February 5, 2012

What I'm drinking

  For years this was my drink of choice.  I always believed that at least I wasn't adding any calories to my diet if I drank it.  I am not advertising any drinks here, just saying what I always drank and what I drink now.

    A few years back my daughter gained alot of weight after being given steroids in the hospital.  They told her at the time she would not gain weight taking them.  Well, guess what, she did.  I have always been told steroids will cause you to gain weight.  When I had histoplasmosis in my eye many years ago the doctor gave me a choice of taking steroids which he told me would make me gain weight or getting a shot in the eye.  I chose the shot in the eye. What we women will do to keep from gaining weight!  Anyway, my daughter did gain weight on steroids but she took it off using Weight Watchers.  I noticed, though, that she was always drinking regular cokes and asked her how she could lose weight that way.  I have heard through the years that drinking diet drinks do not aide in weight loss.   Now that I have lost alot of weight, I find that is true.  I drink one coke over two days and have not gained any weight back.

   This is David's drink of choice.  I haven't seen him drink anything but this except for sweet tea occasionally since we've been married.  He's the only person I know who drinks this.  I drink it once in a while.  The can reads  0calories, 0carbs, 0caffeine and 0sodium.  I use to say 0 taste too.  When we went to Alaska last summer, my husband loaded the car with Diet Rites so that he would always have them because you can't find it everywhere.  He learned this while we were driving home from Alaska through Canada and he ran out.  There was no Diet Rite to be found anywhere.  He tried to describe it to a store clerk, "It has 0 calories, 0carbs, 0caffeine and 0 sodium."   She replied, "Sounds like water to me."  He had to go without until we hit the border and as soon as he found a store, he bought more.  A very traumatic time for him.

   I try to drink alot of water now and that is truly the best thing anyone can drink for their health.  I still can't believe people buy it in bottles when it comes out of the tap almost free.  Whoever thought of that idea must have known how foolish we people sometimes are and that we will buy almost anything. 

   I hope this has enlightened your day.  If you drink something else almost daily, tell me what it is.  Well, unless it's alcohol and then I don't want to know.   Keep hydrated.  Bye.


Teresa said...

Diet Rite is my drink of choice also. Close second is Sierra Mist. Usually one can a day at work. Hardly ever at home. I drink Crystal Light (at supper at work) or V8 Diet Splash at home. I am bad at drinking plain water.

I love my dogs said...

You are only the second person I have heard of that drinks Diet Rite.