Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I know it's Spring

After the cold days of January and February comes with Valentine's Day, I think winter is finally over. We could be standing in ten feet of snow and I still would think it was Spring because the crocus have come up and flowers begin to peek their little heads out of the cold soil. We have a little patch of crocuses by the front walk that are always the first to show themselves to the elements. I keep thinking I will plant some more, but these little brave ones have been so loyal to come back again and again, I never feel the need to do so.

A couple of years ago I planted hundreds of daffodils to naturalize in our front yard. When we first moved to our home 34 years ago, we had a half acre of grass to mow. We have slowly, but surely gotten rid of lawn and added gardens and mulch. It takes me about 15 minutes to mow the front yard. Now the daffodils are all coming up, some ready to bust into bloom. They ususally last about two weeks and are so beautiful.

This bunch will be blooming soon if the weather stays as warm as it's been.

Even though it's Spring, we still like our comfort food. David makes the best chili, but I don't ask him what he puts in it or I would probably not want to eat it. He likes it spicy and tones it down for me, but I can still feel the heat when I eat it.

Nothing is better than a bowl of chili with a little cheese on top. Okay, alot of cheese on top. I'm eating a cup of it right now as I type. Hope I don't spill it all over the keys.

Now for your entertainment a little dog wrestling. In this corner is Bonnie Blue weighing in at 85 pounds and in the other corner is Belle weighing in at 80 pounds. Bonnie body slams Belle down and much barking and growling ensues. Tails are going a mile a minute, of course.

Bonnie wins this match by keeping Belle down until the bell. Belle until the bell, ha.

"Come play ball with me, Mom." You know what that means, folks. Bye

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