Friday, February 17, 2012

Granny squares

  Hi, I'm Belle, Kate's most beautiful, bestest, obedient chocolate lab.  She thinks I'm pretty special, but she isn't going to talk about me again today.  She's going to be saying, "Blah, blah, quilts, blah, blah, fabrics, blah, blah sewing."  She's got quilting on the brain and I can't make her change.  Oh, well, as long as she feeds me, plays with me and takes me for a walk every day, I guess she can have her one vice.  So I will go lay out in the sun now while she tells you what she is up to.

  Has that Belle been talking about me?  Don't believe everything a dog will tell you.  See this pile of fabric?  I am all excited about a new quilt project I found on a blog.  It is a quilt that looks like a crocheted granny square afghan.  I don't crochet, but I love granny afghans.  This is a wonderful pattern.  It only takes two and a half inch squares sewed on the diagonal and trimed to a nine inch block  Choosing and cutting out the fabric is the best part for me.  I love to look through my stash and see all the fabrics I can use in this quilt.  I figure it will take about eighty-one of these blocks to make the quilt with a two and a half  sashing between the rows and a five inch border. 

  First I will cut out two and a half inch squares from many different fabrics.

  Then from the smaller scraps left I cut out two inch squares for another project.

  Then from the tiniest scraps left from that I cut out one inch squares.  I have a quilt book called "Little Quilts all through the house" that we sold in our store many years ago.  I have just about worn my book out making the quilts in it.  I will show you the book and some of the quilts I have made from it another day.  None of the quilts in it are larger than 25 inch by 25 inch and some are much smaller and many of them take one and a half inch squares. 

  Here is my first granny square block. There is a real good tutorial on how to make it on Blue Elephant blog.  There are also many granny square quilts exhibited on Flicker.  I am really excited about this quilt as I believe it will go together easily and will be bright and colorful which I like.

  If you know me, you know I don't just work on one quilt at a time.  Right now I have one ready to machine quilt and this one I am sewing right now that I can only show a tiny bit as it will be a gift later in the year.  I have so many ideas in my head I am about to bust.  I have also been making purses to give away and I will be showing them soon also.  I got the tutorial on a blog also and will try to put that up for you soon.

   Hey, Belle, is Mom done talking about quilts and sewing and stuff?    Yes, I am Bonnie, you precious pup.  Maybe I will make you a quilted coat to wear some day.  What's that, you say.  You would never wear a quilted coat or any other coat for that matter?  Okay, Bonnie, love you anyway.  Bye everyone.


Noelle said...

Belle and Bonnie, please tell Mum her quilts are lovely! And do tell her we love to see the both of you featured on the blog!

I love my dogs said...

Thanks, Noelle. I love those pups and they will be in alot of my posts, I'm sure.