Monday, April 9, 2012

The Aliens have Landed

    A few nights ago David and I were sitting in our livingroom minding our own business when suddenly we saw a bright light in the sky.

  "Look, David, what is that?" I asked.  The light seemed to be growing bigger and getting closer.

  I began to freak out when the light began to eerily change shape.

  It became elongated and was even closer.  We were starting to get alarmed.  What was that thing????

  Suddenly, the scariest face appeared at our window.  We both were shaking in our shoes.  I ran to get a baseball bat, but then remembered we don't have a baseball bat.  I ran in circles.  David hid in the closet.  We were going to have a close encounter of the third kind.

  Okay, it was just the moon shining through our lace curtains and I am a lousy photographer.  But it made for a good story.  Bye.

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