Sunday, April 8, 2012

Scenes from the Easter Weekend

                 There was jam making both strawberry and strawberry rhubarb.  Our first rhubarb from our own patch.

     There was cupcake baking and eating.  Love those cute little bunny and chicken toppers.

   There was lots of candy.  All the grandchildren will be on a sugar high tonight.  That is why it's nice they go home!

     There was dough raising and roll making.  We had a cookout and hamburgers on homemade rolls are so good.

   There was lots of eating as there usually is when we get together.  That is why we are always so happy when a holiday comes.  We get to eat alot.

  There were cute grandkids doing their usual cute grandkiddy things.  Like his hat?

   There was Easter egg hunting.  This is just before we said, "Go!"  Mayhem resulted right after this picture was snapped.

   There was relaxing, both people and canine.  Bonnie is wondering where all the leftovers went.  Bonnie, there weren't any leftovers on the plates.  These people ate it all.

  All in all it was a busy and fun weekend.  Best of all though was going to church and hearing once again through song the love of Jesus Christ for us all.  His death and ressurection.  His salvation for all who will only accept it.  A blessed and happy Easter to you all.  Bye.


Noelle the dreamer said...

Poor Bonnie! NO leftovers? Not one little tidbit?
Happy Easter to all!
P.S. Do I see a Hoosier cabinet in the dining room? Beautiful!

I love my dogs said...

It looks like a Hoosier cabinet, but mine is a Sellers cabinet. Same thing, just different manufacturers.