Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Sad Story

  Bonnie looks a little guilty in this picture as she should, but what happened today wasn't really her fault.  I am to blame for what took place today and I am still sad about it.

  Remember these little robins I showed you a few days ago?  They grew quickly and had feathers on them in such a short time.  Today I was working in the yard and went to look at the nest.  It didn't look like there were any birds in it any longer so I climbed up to look inside.  There was one little bird left and I startled it and it flew out and landed on the ground and, unfortunately, my two dogs were sitting there.  Bonnie grabbed it and I screamed and got it away from her, but it was too late.  I had on gloves so I cupped the little bird in my hands.  I felt its little heart beating.  It was so warm in my hands.  Then it closed its eyes and died.  I began to cry uncontrollably.  I still am tearing up telling this, but I have never seen anything die before.  Never.  I have seen animals and people after they have died, but never witnessed the actual death.  It was almost a spirtual thing.  I cannot explain it.  I knew God knew this little bird had died.

    David came up and saw me crying and said he would throw it away.  I said, "No, don't do that.  Lay it softly somewhere.  Don't just throw it away."  He took the little robin and did what I asked him.   Then he came back and sat with me.  Really, I am crying right now telling this.  If I had just not peeked in the nest.  What made it even worse was that mama bird sat in the redbud tree chirping for her little robin.  I could hardly bear it. 
    "I'm so sorry, Mom."   "It's not your fault, Bonnie.  You were just doing what dogs do and you are a retriever."  

       His eye is on the sparrow.  Bye.

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Noelle the dreamer said...

Poor Bonnie! She does look a tad guilty.
I know how you felt though! Poor little bird but it happens. I know our Corgi would have done the same and he is not a retriever!
Hugs to the dogs (and to you!),