Friday, April 20, 2012

Wonderful friends and other wonderful things

  This is my good friend, Mary.  I just love this lady and we have been friends for a long time.  You know that one person you meet and you both click and you just know you will be friends?  Mary is one of those people to me.  We met in our first year of college.  We commuted to Ball State with two other  people.  We went to orientation together and had the most fun.  We laughed so much that first night, disturbing some of the other girls, but we had a good time.  We loved singing in the car while going to school.  Bobby Vinton's "Blue Velvet" was popular then and we drove our driving mates crazy singing it.  Mary endured my lovesickness for David the year before we got married.  We have had so much fun together and have bonded for life. 

  Mary and her very nice husband were passing through Columbus on the way to Richmond to see her sister.  She lives in California and I haven't seen her in I don't know how many years, but it was just like we had just left each other yesterday when she walked in the door.  Mary has the most infectious giggle and when we went out to dinner with our husbands we giggled all through the meal.  It was so wonderful to be with her and I hope we don't let so much time go by before we get together again.  David and I might just have to plan a trip to California to visit.

  This has nothing to do with Mary although I read somewhere that there are people who see miracles every day and those who don't.  I am one who sees many miracles each day.  Good friendships are a miracle because of all the billions of people in the world to meet someone who becomes a good friend is a miracle in itself.  These little robins are such a miracle.  Mama robin built her nest in our little cabin rafters right above our swing.  David tried tearing out her nest when she started building it, but she came back again and again and tried building there so I finally said we will just have to stay away from the swing while she raises her family.  Anything with that much determination deserves some respect.  We saw these little heads peeking out of the nest yesterday.  "Mama, feed us!' they seem to be saying.

  Beautiful sunsets are a miracle.  Every time I see a sunset like this I think of Scarlette O'Hara standing in silhouette looking at Tara.  Gone With the Wind being the best movie ever made, of course.   This is the sunset we saw a couple of nights ago.

 " Mom, why don't you ever write about me?"   " I do, Bonnie, but you really don't have to be in every one of my posts. Oh, you do?  Okay, I will try to do that you precious girl." 

   Here's to wonderful friends, nature, beautiful sunsets and faithful canines.  Bye.

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